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Legendary Corals Black Friday LIVE SALE 2016! $20 Pieces EXTRAGAVANZA!

Legendary Corals

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Legendary Corals


Hello fellow reefers,

LC here with our annual Black Friday live sale! This sale is going to be awesome, with 400+ corals and EVERYTHING at $20 and below. Yup, that's right. A < $20 live sale. Prices will range from $1-$20, and we'll be sure to include a bit of everything (even a couple of really high end goodies... ;) ).

The Legendary Live Sale RULES (Rules may change at anytime. By participating in this live sale you will automatically agree to the following rules):

  • WHEN:
    • Date: 11:00am - 3:00pm (PST) on Saturday, November 26th.
    • Comunnication will be mainly through email: legendarycorals@gmail.com. We will not be able to reply to PMs very quickly, so please email us for the fastest response.
    • 400+ Pure WYSIWYG Corals, posted in 5 minute intervals in between (roughly 6 corals per update).
    • All corals will be added to our website along with the thread that has a link to the site. Look under the "Live Sale" tab of our site. The tab will be broken up into tabs indicating which hour the corals came from (it will make sense when you view the site the day of the sale).
    • Snipers be ready! All corals are heavily discounted from their already awesome prices. There will be a handful of $5 corals and an even smaller handful of $1 corals! And you all know we like to keep only the nice stuff around. ;)
    • For $5 corals, you must have purchased at least ONE regular live sale item for each $5 coral you snipe. For $1 corals, you must have purchased at least TWO regular live sale item for each $1 coral you snipe. This is how we're going to ensure that enough people have chances to snipe on these deals instead of having just a few people take them all and leave the rest empty handed.
    • If you pick up a $5 or $1 coral without fulfilling the requirement during the sale, you are allowed to keep your snipes as long as you purchase the necessary # of corals at the end of the sale. For example, if you have 2 regular live sale items and a $1 coral already and another $1 coral comes up, you can snipe it. Later on in the live sale, you pick up 2 more regular live sale items, fulfilling your requirement to keep the $1 item.
    • If you do not fulfill the requirement by Saturday, November 26th 6:00pm PST, you will forfeit your $1 and $5 corals that did not fulfill the requirement and the $1 and $5 that were forfeited will be posted back on the site for others to grab. Those who grab the special deal pieces will need to fulfill the requirement as well. If your order does not fulfill the requirement after the $1 and $5 pieces are put back up, then you will automatically forfeit the corals.
    • All remaining corals that are not picked up on the live sale will be left at live sale prices until Wednesday, November 29th 11:59pm PST. Afterwards, they will be full priced items.
    • Under the rare case that the coral is not well to ship, you will receive a similar piece if in stock. If no coral is in stock, then we will refund you.
    • PayPal only, first come first served.
    • ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No exchanges, refunds, etc. No credit or coupons can be applied. We cannot stress this enough. If you don't intend on keeping an order, even if a piece you wanted got sniped, DO NOT PURCHASE. All sales are final, and we will not be refunding orders. We had so many problems with this last sale, back outs simply won't be tolerated.
    • Your item is NOT yours until it's payed for. If it's in your cart, it isn't safe from other reefers!
    • If for some reason you and someone else got the same coral, the first person to check out will win the coral and we will notify you if we have a similar item we can offer.
    • Shipping options are available at the end of your checkout process at a flat rate of $39.99 ($29.99 for CA) when the live sale starts. You can order as many items as you want and the shipping rate will be a flat fee.
    • We will ONLY ship to the address on your PayPal. So please have this updated on your account to avoid any confusion.
    • We will allow combined shipments. A maximum of 20 coral pieces per combined shipments. If there are over 30 pieces, we'll need to ship out another box and shipping will be charged again.
    • If no shipment date has been requested by Sunday (November 27th) we will be shipping your package out the following Monday (November 28th) by default.
    • If you do not pay for shipping by the end of the week (December 2nd, 11:59pm PST) you will be forfeiting your corals and your payment for your purchased corals will not be refunded.
  • FAQs:
  • PRIZE:
    • We're going to be giving 5 prizes this time!
    • To be eligible, you must check in every hour and have made a purchase along with a shipping module. You simply need to post "Check in hour #" for each hour. If you miss an hour, you will be disqualified for the prize.
    • We will pick the winners via a random number generator.

Prize #1: Extreme LPS Pack $400+

Our Choice

Prize #2: Extreme Zoa Pack $400+

Our Choice

Prize #3: Extreme Mixed Coral Pack $400+

Our Choice

Prize #4: $100 Gift Card

Prize #5: Legendary Swag Shirt

Some sweet teasers that will make an appearance during the live sale. ;)














And lastly, have fun! Let's make this into another great live sale!



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Will local pickup be an option? And if so, are you not qualified for the prizes since you required a shipping module to be purchased?


Excited for the sale either way!



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Legendary Corals

Will local pickup be an option? And if so, are you not qualified for the prizes since you required a shipping module to be purchased?


Excited for the sale either way!



Locals can definitely win prizes. They're the exception to the shipping module haha.

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Legendary Corals

Hey Darwin, any hints on whether sps will play a bigger role this year vs last?

Mostly montiporas for sps. SPS has never really been our forte unfortunately.

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Legendary Corals

is the live sale happening in this thread?

Yes, the pieces will be posted real time in this thread (an update every 5 minutes). But the pieces will be purchased via our website.

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Hey Darwin! So this is my first live sale EVER lol. I just paid for the pre-paid shipping, is that all I had to do to pay for shipping? Thanks and can't wait!

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Legendary Corals

Hey Darwin! So this is my first live sale EVER lol. I just paid for the pre-paid shipping, is that all I had to do to pay for shipping? Thanks and can't wait!

Yup! Now you can just focus on sniping those killer deals. :)

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Legendary Corals




A1 - LC Pit Viper Sale: $12.99, Retail: $29.99

A2 - LC Gold Digger Favia Sale: $19.99, Retail: $49.99

A3 - LC Desert Oasis Cyphastrea Sale $9.99, Retail: $29.99

A4 - Pink Elephants 3p Sale: $19.99, Retail: $34.99

A5 - Tangerine Yuma Sale: $19.99, Retail: $39.99

A6 - Purple People Eater Blastomussa 2p Sale: $19.99, Retail: $39.99

A7 - LC Blue Diamond Stylocoeniella Sale: $19.99, Retail: $49.99

A8 - Avatar Chalice Sale: $19.99, Retail: $54.99

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Legendary Corals

A9 - Pink Watermelon Yuma (Baby) Sale: $19.99, Retail: $24.99

A10 - Bam Bams Chunk Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99

A11 - LC Galactic Overload 3p Sale: $19.99, Retail: $44.99

A12 - LC C3PO Lithophyllon Sale: $19.99, Retail: $44.99

A13 - Stratocasters 2p Sale: $19.99, Retail: $44.99

A14 - Micro Blue Magics x Micro Zen Eyes Sale: $19.99, Retail: $29.99

B1 - Blue Eyed Leptastrea Sale: $9.99, Retail: $24.99

B2 - Lava Flow Rhodactus Sale: $9.99, Retail: $19.99

B3 - Orange Ricordea Sale: $14.99, Retail: $24.99

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