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Overflow for 2.5?


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Getting ready to start my 2.5 and have been debating whether or not to try something new. I had trouble with surface film on my 10g until I got the ac surface skimmer, but there is obviously no room for that in a 2.5. So my thought was to section off a small overflow in the tank to put a powerhead, the heater, top off switch, and a small bag of media/lr/ls/macro…etc if needed.


There would be teeth for the water to slow over and into this mini fuge area then the ph would pump the water back out into the tank with a flare nozzle. Only downside I can see is the space claim in one corner of the tank, no different that a ph and heater in the display, just that it would be hidden and I would get the benefit of an overflow.


Other wise I have a traditional ac mini that I can just HOB, but that won’t pull the contaminants of the surface like this might. Opinions appreciated.

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