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First Corals!!!!!!!!!!


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So Last night after work I went to my LFS and noticed that they had some unusaully colorful and small zoo frags floating in there tanks. I asked about them and the guy said that a local reefer had just brought them in. I asked him what color they were because when I saw them the where all closed. The only thing I could see was a little bit of a bright green skirt. He said they were green with orange centers. Yippi just what I wanted. So I bought one it was 18.50 and had 16 polyps on it. I go it home and realized that the frag had two smaller pieces of rock with it held together by the corals mat. How can I seperate these rocks what is the process? Also The corals did not turn out to be green with orange centers they are green skits white around the center and green centers. I want to seperate them and mabe trade the smaller frags for some green and orange zoos if anyone is interested let me know. PM me. Thanks I will be posting pictures after this weekend.


PS smaller frags would have between 2 and 3 polyps on them.

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Thanks I will try to get some better pics soon. As I look at them closer their are some that have green skirts then lavender then white then lavender then mint mouths too. My wife says she sees some orange in some. Who knows.

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