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What will Clowns host other than Anemones


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What will a clown host excluding Anemones. I really don't want to try and put an anemone in my MB7, but would really enjoy seeing my clown host something.


What have you people heard/experienced with Clowns hosting other corals etc? Please list type of Clown and what it was hosting.


Thank you!

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large rics, hell ive even seen clowns, and im not kidding here, host in the fins of a lionfish, seriously. also hair algae, sarcophyton, euphyllia, plate corals, lots of different stuff.

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Dr. Saltwater

Clowns will host almost anything when they found it. Other than anemones are for example:


- Goniopora-corals (Goniopora stokesi = most common)

- Toadstool leather (Sarcophyton glaucum)

- Clams (Tridacna maxima = rare but can happen)


Clowns often host things with (longer) tetacles and it should be big enough to swim in and around.


Sometimes clowns even 'host' the top of the powerheads in a tank ...

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Mine are tank-born- and tank-raised clowns aren't as likely to host but when they do they host w/ a wider variety than wild clowns. Mine reside in a toadstool leather but only at night.


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mine host my feather duster....not very normal...cuz my feather duster retracts when it feels the slightest touch...but loves to be rubed on my the clown and seems to enjoy it.

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Mine host my hand.Its really wierd cause when I stick my hands in tank the clown attacks anything that comes cloase to my hand.I got a bodyguard when im cleaning the tank :)

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Ha, I have to oppisite when I clean my cichlid tank, my Ice Blue Zebra bites me.


I hope that my ocellaris clown Host some coral some day. What would an ocellaris most likely host? Or is it just hit and miss with all of these oddities?

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Mine liked to hang out in my T. Derasa during the day... but I think he became dinner last night for a ricordia:(

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My tank bred ocellaris has hosted in 2 things in the 5 years I have had him... 1st a GBTA for the 3 years or so the anemone lived and now he hosts among a few colonies of candycane coral I have. At night he sleeps in a cave. With the anemone, he slept in it. I don't think I would ever add an anemone again though... Three years is just too short for an animal that can live for decades + in the wild.

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