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I know it is a gimmick. I posted just yesterday about the same topic...but wanted to get some sort of response.


I have spent hours searching for a retrofit kit, or a DIY plan to upgrade my Eclipse System 3 hood.


ANY SUGGESTIONS, PLANS, LINKS, etc would be very much appreciated.


If you have the plans...I'd be happy to purchase them from you.



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i would think about using two 13 Watt PCs. That is if they will fit. They are about 7". You can get 50/50 bulbs from champion lighting. the ballasts and sockets can be had at your local grainger or other mantenance supply house. The pther misc. parts can be had at home depot. I set up a2.5 refugium with one of these bulbs, and I used a metal electrical box for holding the remote ballast. The bulb, ballast, and socket were about $16.00, I had every thing else lying around.

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