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Clownfish eggs

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Haven’t checked this thread in ages. Any luck? 

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She hasn't had another clutch ever since she became egg bound in January.  Then of course I had her in hyposalinity for awhile to combat Ich.  She just recently started acting like she is ready for another clutch.  The video shows what they've been doing.  Then the next day they act like nothing is up.  I hope it's a prelude to them breeding again.


On a side note.  I got another jar (just like my contest jar) to raise fry, should they ever decide to breed again.

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44 minutes ago, seabass said:

No eggs yet, but here's a video of them tonight just before lights out:


Thanks for keeping us updated, hopefully soon!

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Good luck with everything, fingers crossed for success.  I found this picture I thought you'd like- all the babies looking up at papa.  



clown with eggs.jpg

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