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nitrite went up...


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just moved my tank yesterday, took out all the water except

1" over the sand bed.


the LR was in a bucket coved with the tanks water,

and a maxijet for circulation.


the whole operation took about 2 hours.


but today i noticed a more fishy/sea smell from the tank.

not much but more than normal.


took a test and found a Nitrite level of 2.0 ppm!


the tank is at the end of its cycling.


ammonia is 0, nitrate is fine.

salinity is 1.023 as allways

temp. is normal.


I have a 3" sandbed, with lots of bobbles.


I dont know if you could call it a DSB, but would the disturbance

of the sandbed course the Nitrite level?


I have no livestock at this moment.


20 gal high

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