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What is considered alot of Copepods?


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For about 2 weeks now my aquarium has exploded with copepods. I am not complaining or anything, but when I look at the aquarium now I start to itch. This is my first aquarium (10aga) so I dont have anything to compare it against. On the glass there are usually 5 to a square centimeter, on the sand and rocks they are crawling on top of each other. One neat thing is I have some hitch hiker cup corals and every once and awhile a pod will get touched by the tentacles. It really does not take long for the coral to eat them up.


I dont have any fish in my aquarium right now, just some hermit crabs and snails. I know I should not get a fish that relies on eating pods since there will not be enough to sustain the fish. Is there a fish out there though that will occasionaly eat pods?



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6 line wrasse and most damsels.


If you have so many pods that they are crawling out of the top...then you have too many :D Their population is only going to grow as large as the food supply or natural predators will let it. Since you have no predators, then the food supply will dictate how big the population gets.

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