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polyps identification


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Just got this polyps from lfs last sunday. I was told it gets its food from the light. Not sure to fully believe it. Any information on its requirement would be appreciated.

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Originally posted by holyherbiness

I think supplemental feeding is needed for ALL corals, but i'm not positive.

Only worry about feeding zoos if thay have long tentacled arns extending from its center. If not, they will get most, if not all, energy from photosynthesis.

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Djconn, I have a question for ya , why do you have a link to the website and promote the site in your signature?I mean isnt anyone that will see it already on the website.Kind of redundant .

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Corriewf - You'd have to notice that the site in his sig is different than the site we're currently on.


Hoyteoh - Nice zoos! $19 isn't bad for those ;)

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