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my little setup


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looks nice.....but i would remove the skimmer it's an eye sore....just a 10% water change a week will take out the nutrients..... upgrade your lighting and a HOB filter...the tank will be a killer....good begining none the less

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i agree, skimmer makes it look kind of awkward. ur sand bed is so thin! :D


how many gallons is that? will it be OK for 2 fish?


*EDIT* OH there's 3 fish!? X)

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So you dont suggest i use a skimmer ?


I have just ordered 2 t5 lights in a overhead canopy the tank is 12 inches cube so approx 6.5 gallons .....



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Dr. Saltwater

Looks good to me.


Keep in mind that if you buy a fish you think of its adult size and needs. This way you can easily measure off your equipement with the animals you keep.


You don't have to get more light in my opinion because your corals are not so much light needing as SPS or other stoney-soft corals. If you want to keep those, you should have more light.


Try to change the water frequently even with the 'big' skimmer inside. This way you keep the water clean. A don't see a DSB so I guess you could even clean that too if you want ;).

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