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Legendary Corals

Superman St. Thomas Shroom, Instant Encruster Pack, Bounce Type Shrooms!

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Legendary Corals
Opening note: All photos are linked to their respective product page. Simply click the photo to view pricing and checkout.

Hey there reefers,

We've been coloring up this large mother St. Thomas shroom for some time. It completely covers a large frag disk (almost 2" across). Red is arguably the rarest color for a St. Thomas, let alone with a blue base and a white accents. This is also the bubbly variant of St. Thomas compared to the knobby type.


Over here at Legendary Corals, we collect all sorts of corals. One of our favorites are encruster type corals. Encrusting corals have been gaining a lot of popularity over the past year, so we made a 9 piece pack for anyone who's looking to either get into them or is looking to beef up their collection. We're offering this pack at 50% off retail value

Encruster Pack: $100

All names listed from left to right

Top Row: Desert Oasis Cyphastrea, Firefly Leptoseris, JF Green Eggs and Ham Montipora

Middle Row: LC Gold Digger Favia, LC Pit Viper Leptastrea (gold accents on growth), Aqua Jewel Favia (base is glittery)

Bottom Row: Jose Casas Pink Stylocoeniella, Shockfire Psammacora (bright gold), Pink Cadillac Montipora (rare)


And a small handful of this beautiful bubble/ carpet type mushroom. Very bright aqua base.




This phenomenal Sunset Plate is still available as well.


Enjoy your week reefers!



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Legendary Corals

Links are not working

They're all working on my computer. Which piece would you like a link to?

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