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Its gona be hot i my house!

The Unit

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In two weeks im moving back to college. I am living in a house that has no central air. For the 1st few month isdeff gona be hot in my room. Is there anything i can do to cool my tank off without having to buy an iceprobe mini chiller(absolutly no money for that) Its a 5.5g mixed sps/softy tank with a 96wPQ over it. I know i can prob put a fan going at it but i also dont want crazy evap. I was thinking of turning the lights on at night and off during the day ( prob wont be around much during the day unless imsleepin - wait prob wont be around much duringthe night eiter unless i passed out :) ) So do i have any other options?

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matt the fiddler

get as big of a fan as fits over your tank, blow straight down on the water..



watch your water topoff!





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i am in a house with 9 other guys, i dont want to be an ass and run everyones bills up for afew months just so i can have a pretty little tank, but yea if others bet window a/c's the i wil have to. I have already proced them put 88bucks aint bad. better than a iceprobe and controller. good stuff guys...now i need a nice outo top off if im gona just use a big fan...

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this is gunna sound strange, but here goes.


you can take an ordinary plastic cooler, drill two holes in it and run a pipe through it. on hot days fill the cooler up with ice. then pump water through the pipe that goes through the cooler. the cooler does not need to be a big one. you could even get one of those electric/battery powered coolers. by 'cooler' i mean one of those plastic soda/beer coolers that you take to the beach/picnic.


another option is to go to a second hand store and buy one of those tiny bar refrigerators and run the pipe through that. as long as you NEVER open the door you wont use much electricity. you could even insulate either the cooler or the refrigerator more by 'boxing' it. of course you have to leave the refrigerators cooling pipes exposed.


another option is to simply run the pipe outside. the water in the pipe would cause condensation on the outside of the pipe, cooling the water inside the pipe. this way would only work if the pump does not transfer heat.




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