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Setting up 12 gal nano......??'s


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Okay, I just got my 12 gal nano cube and I need a little direction on set-up. I removed the bio-balls, ceramic rings, and sponges from the back. I am planning to use live rock rubble in the back and also the charcoal that came with the tank. Sound okay so far?


1) There are 4 compartments in the back of the tank. Which compartment should hold the live rock and which should hold the charcoal.


2) Where should I place the heater? I'm wanting to place it in the back compartments.


3) Do I need to add a small powerhead? If so, would this go in the front?


4) Where is a good place to order LR online??


5) If I'm using RO water, the only additive I need is salt mix correct?




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Hi i'm using a nano cube as well but i'm pretty new to this whole reef thing myself.


Answer to your question base on what i use:

1. I use the first 2 compartments for live rock, and the third compartments for charcoal.


2. You can place the heater on the back compartment, but i don't use one i find that the light and the powerhead generate more then enough heat. or i should say more heat then needed.


3. I place and extra powerhead so that the current is pushing the opposite direction of the stock powerhead. Some people do mod and drill hole to place powerhead at the back compartment.


4. Never got anything online sorry can't help you here


5. Yeah pretty much you don't need any additive but then again some people would debate on this topic. Just make sure you mix the salt with the water before placing it in the tank. =P


Hope that help but you should double check with other people after all my tank is only heading toward 3 month old.

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As far as what to do, everyone will have their own opinion. Heck, some just go all stock and have great results. But her eis what I did and have seen great things thus far.


First removed all media, including charcoal


Then replaced stock pump (pretty noisy and heats water too much) with a mini jet 606. This boosted the flow and amazingly quieter and runs cooler.


Then added a minijet 404 to run flow on left side. I placed this in the back also with a diffuser running over the back and causing counter current to the stock nozzle.


I then removed all the dividers in the back. Popped out easily with a small wrench. Once those were removed, I covered the stock skimmer so that no flow would go through there. I'll explain why in a minute.


Then cut "teeth" into fuge separator. About 5 "teeth" should do.


Why do this? because the stock skimmer is set below the water surface. The surface is where alot of your build up will happen. The buildup will make it even tougher for oxygenation of your water. SW is already very dense and allows little o2 to cross over, so a layer of protein up there can make it worse. The teeth cut into the separator should pull this layer off.


So I then added the heater to the back. I then covered each of my pumps with LR rubble. You can sometimes buy the stuff. If not, buy some very undesirable pieces of LR and crush it in a towel with a hammer. Be sure to dip in SW before placing it in tank to remove excess debris.


Once this is done, turn on the pumps. OH....make sure you do the work to the separator beofre making the changes, it'll save ya alot of headaches. Then add SW and LR rubble in fuge. The LR in the fuge increases your biological filtration capacity.


Hope this helps...good luck!!

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Hi Uchiha,

Is it better to use lr rubbles instead of lr? and if I do the conversion, will my cycle start all over. It has been two weeks now.


And also, when you suck out the deitritus, is it from the back or from your main tank. I want a setup with lease maintenance as possible.


thanks for your help.

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