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My new clam


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just wanted to show you guys. I got him a few days ago - he is under 2x65 10k/Act 03. I wanted to get him now to get used to semi decent light, before i upgrade to MH 250 in about a week or 2. I didnt want to just throw him into MH lights without giving him a chance to get some decent wattage now. Too much too fast is not good for anything in your tank.

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How big does what get ? The clam ?


Maximas can get huge - over 5 inches if they are in the correct environment. But i could be wrong.


The one i have now is only about 2 inches long. a baby.

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maxima's can grow to 30-40 centimeters.rock,maxima's need high light and calcium,smaller ones need to be fed phyto plankton every week.I would suggest a hippo. 72w are good enough for them

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yeah if i get a light it's going to be more than that much! Just thougt i'd ask! pos_user congrats to the new born!lol! Yeah i would like to get one, but its going to be a long time! I'm still a noob, so i want to know alot more about other corals before i get into one of those!!!! I've read alot, I'm on almost every night reading threads and web sites, but i still can learn alot more before i'm expereanced enough(i think ) to get one of those!

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thats good rock - a lot of reading will pay off in this hobby.


right now i have 120w over my 20h and the baby clam is high up on the tank - i feed him DT's plankton 4 times a week, and will be upgrading to 250w hqi 20k soon. Cant wait to get that beast!!


The clam should be ok though, as long as he is consuming the plankton he should be ok. My water levels are good for him, with clams you need a small amount of trates...and I'm at about 10-15ppm.

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The clam is cool as hell, he can see my every move - he seems very alert...he retracts slightly when i come the tank. that is a good sign...I think im gonna start up a Clam tank - 20L with 2 250w MH.


Talk about emptying the wallet !

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hey X, where ya been buddy ?


I used paint shop 8 - very easy stuff and it has about 100 different borders to pick from. Its an awesome program. very easy to use.

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the perc is a mixed debate. Some say its definately an onyx perc, others say its a dark colored true perc. No one really knows, and it doesnt matter to me anyway.


I got him at the LFS - was sold as a captive raised true perc.

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Are you putting a 250W on the 20H? If yes, that is SICK! :P


I'm only running a 175W on my 20H...hehe...


I'm still waiting for my ultra grade maxima though...:(

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the 250w mh i havent decided yet. No less than 6 inches to the water. Depending on heat issues also.


Average - maybe 7 or 8 inches from water level.

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well, there are a few ways to look at.


One 250w can be an amazing light for smaller tanks, or very good but not amazing lights for larger tanks. Also depends on what you want to keep :)


But the fixture itself is only 12 inches long. So it will cover about 24" inches across. If you have a 20L, u might have to hang 2 of these, side by side in order to get the light to stretch across the length of the tank. Or hang two of the same model but the 175w instead of 250.


I have a 20H so its fine for me. If i had a 20L i wouldnt have picked that light, unless you get 2 side by side, like i stated before.

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yeah, the light looks awesome - cant wait to get it.


What size tank to you have? And since its only 11 or 12 inches long, does it cover your entire tank? also how high is it from your water surface. Thakns for jumpin in ct, would love to know more info on the light.

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CT nano reefer

its a brand new AGA 16g bowfront black seal..20"long by 13" wide, and 18" deep...covers the tank purfect...right now i have it 9" of the water surface..hers a pic.. but now the tank has water and sand in it as of yesterday



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mmm donuts. 16 gallon bow front...mmmm...bow front...


Always wanted that 16BF - the light looks awesome :)

what bulb did u pick? 20k or 10k ? any new pics with the LR and LS.

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