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refugium purpose


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Hey guys-new to this and was wondering what the purpose of a refugium is. I haven't found anything in the books about it. I'm just setting up a nano-cube now


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A refugium is exactly what the name implies... It is a place that offers refuge free from predation. It allows small critters at the bottom of the food chain (pods, shrimps, snails, etc) a place to breed and multiply. Every once in a while, these critters will enter the tank and provide food for fish and corals.


In addition, many people also grow macro algaes in their refugiums to help with nutrient export. The algae feeds off of the excess nutrients in the tank. You then "remove" the excess nutrients by pruning your macro every once in awhile. Think of it as the natural way to "protein skim."


Of course, the answer to your question could easily fill a large book. Therefore, I suggest you take a look at the Refugium Discussion here on the site and do some other research.


Good luck.

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