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a beginner and need some help as well as advice!!


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hey how's it going


thanks for having me :)


i am a major beginner ..so bare with me please...


umm i have a 10gal tank and i was at a fish shop and saw those beautiful percula clowns...(not the one with black strips)


and i want to set it up for a 10gal tank...is this ok??


if so...how many can i housed?


what do i need? (for decoration, gravel and such (what is LR and SW???:blush:))

what type of varitey food should i feed them?

are fluvl plus 3 or plus 1 for 10gal ok (those are the underwater filter)


and whatever else i need to know..let me know


i am doing this for my sister...as she loves those type of fish...appreciate all the help


thanks freaky

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im a newbie too, but if you look under the 'learn' icon at this site it has some great articles on how to set up a tank.


SW = salt water

LR = live rock


this site has loads of info in the articles section, so if you have a look there that might get you started :)

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My first point of advice: Slowww down and do some research

If you don't know what LR and SW stand for, that means that your either rushing SW (saltwater) or this is your first time on a saltwater forum.

LR stands for live rock


If all you want are those clowns, you could just get a few (number depends on what species..amphiprion clarkii grow larger than let's say an ocellaris clown)


If you also want live rock and sand (which most people around here recommend for filtration), you may reconsider the number, due to less water volume to dilute wastes.


Lighting depends. If you don't want corals and just those fish and maybe some live rock, the stock hoods on the 10 gallon are more than sufficient.


Do at least a few days of research. Learn how other tanks succeed in this hobby. Then ask questions.


Good luck!

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Read, read, read.!!!

i can't tell you everything you need to know (i could, as i'm sure others here could, but no ones gonna take the time to tell you everything).

you def. want to go with live rock and maybe live sand. ditch the UG filter idea, it'll just lead to problems.

buy a good book for saltwater beginners. (the new marine aquarium, the concientious marine aquarist, etc.)

it'll be the best 30 bucks you ever spent in your (and your clownfishes) life.

good luck

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