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the blue zoos I was getting...


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I know I promised pics, but the buggers haven't opened yet. Neither have the reds...


They look nice and plump and the frags are a great size - maybe 100 on the reds and 80 n the blues.


Anyone know how long it may take for them to open? It has been maybe 30 hrs and I did a 2 hr acclimation.





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I can honestly say i had some that just opened up and it has been weeks. they wernet in a terrific spot, and after i moved them they opened up in a few days. In fact sicne i moved them, the growth ha been incredible. from like 25 polyps to maybe 40!


keep me updated!

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i just FW dipped mine (in ro/di) for 2 mins, and tossed them in my tank. probably isn't the best way to do it, but i've been trying that for ~5 colonies/frags and my zoo's usually open within an hour or two... (in case the lights are off, they open the following morning). works for me, but dunno if you're wililng to try that out... :P


for reference xcajx, the blues that i got didn't open for a couple hours... but they were only in transit for only 2 hrs. i'm sure they'll be fully out in 1-2 days.

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I have noticed many blues seem to be tempermental. I rcvd a larger colony recently, fragged it up numerous times and they took about a week to open. Give it time, and as derek mentioned, they may not be in a happy spot right now.

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