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Mitten_reef’s IM30L

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On 2/18/2020 at 12:12 PM, pokerdobe said:

This is an interesting idea. I'll have to try this when I get home. 


This is the closest I have for now - no lights, just ambient from sunlight. 



That reminds me of the very first tank I got many, many years ago. Stocked that bad boy with emporer angle and what have you not. Came home one day and temp in the tank was literally about 100 degrees. Gotta love that AZ sunshine 🙄. It never even occurred to me that something like that could happen. Live and learn. 

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2 hours ago, mitten_reef said:

More zoas you say?



I need more zoas. These will do. 



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8 hours ago, pokerdobe said:

Interesting - maybe it needs more PAR? I know, typical answer from me - but I find that especially with reds, pinks and yellows, high PAR is what draws out the color. 

The tank is about to get an extra blast from 4 T5s!  I’m a big fan of more light too 😂

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