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fish ID


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Here is a clearer picture, it looks like Cleaner Common Wrasse and neon goby, and on the other hand, like that hogfish too, so???

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ok. i'm pretty sure it is a type of cleaner wrasse. in general cleaner wrasses are considered reef safe, but on occasion they have been seen disturbing clam mantles, also cleaner wrasses are somewhat dependent on the mucus coat of other fish and so therefore sometimes they are hard to feed. it is also not unusual to see them bury them selve in the substrate at night, and so some they may be prayed upon by things like serpent/brittle stars.


hope that helps

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Damn... it's not cleaner wrasse, I put it in my reef tank, the only thing it clean is my frog spawn, goniopora, mushroom and other corals. The last 2 hour I was busy cathing it, got it after rip half of my tank aquascape... It will go into my mantis shrimp tank, good luck.

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