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Skimmer Problems


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Hey guys i just traded for a seaclone 150 skimmer and i cant get it to foam...i tried airstones and all...any other mods i can do to get this thing to work?



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maybe the water line is too low, or it doesn't have much bio-load, or maybe the pump is too small, or maybe it just isn't broken in?

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ok well the guy i got it from says it skims great with an airstone along with the pump but its just way to many bubbles in my tank. so i would say that the water line is too low but how can i fix this?

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How long has it been running? Some skimmers take up to a week to start skimming. Personally, I'd run just the PH.........then after the thing "breaks in", start the airstone.


If your getting too many bubbles, try turning the PH down some.

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i have a seaclone 100 and after modifications, i get the best looking skimmate ive seen in person or in any pics. It took at month to break in tho. Could have been b/c it was new or b.c my tank was new but it was well worth the wait. I get black foam now~

Give it some time and meanwhile you can look into some good mods.

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talking about SeaClone. my SeaClone doesnt alwayz foam as in the foam doesnt alwayz go up the collection cup and i juss set it so there's no bubbles in the tank and juss leave it there and it'll skim weneva it wants.

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