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Is this Snail dead ?


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I bought a half dozen margarita snails (Mexican Turbo Snails) about a week ago. 2 days ago I noticed one of them had been laying upside down for quite some time. An hour later I could see him barely moving. SO i turned him over on the sand. 12 hours later he still had not moved. I took him out and it looked as if he had completely withdrew into his shell. Almost looked as if he was sealed in by a hard disc. I put him back on top of a rock close to the top of the tank.. 12 hours later .. still the same.


Dead ? or some kind of hibernation state ?

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take it back to the store and trade for another. He may just be shell shocked from a fast aclimation. Some make it, and some don't...snails are either wimps or freaking super heros.

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sometimes they are just lazy... I had one I almost flushed because I could have SWORN it were dead (hadn't moved all day and was half hanging off the glass), but eventually it perked up and did fine. That was about 2 weeks ago.

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