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Copepods....friend or foe?


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I have a 2.5 gallon tank up and running. When I first added the 2lb live rock I was moderately disappointed with the lack of life that accompanied it. Now my little tank seems to be crawling with what I guess are copepods. Is this problematic or a sign of a tank that's establishing itself?

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Well you might as well throw away your whole tank; Its infested with pods. Good news is, if you bleach the rock and let it sit for ~6months, you can use it as base rock later.


Just j/kn, is a good sign. Once you put some fish in there, they will thin out quite abit.



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Also will help feed some corals that you have or will have ..Good stuff.There are some people on here that would love to have what you have so savor it.

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