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Adjusting a Bak-Pak


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My bak-pak used to create a dark thick liquid in the skim cup until my power head stopped working. After replacing the PH the liquid is much clearer and thinner. I have an adjustment valve in the air intake line should this be wide open or not? Am I looking for a lot of bubbles in the skimmer, I got it used and don't have any directions. The PH is the Rio 900 (I know they suck and I should have gotten the maxijet but its to late now)


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You're using too large of a powerhead to feed the skimmer. It's not giving the micro bubbles the contact time it needs to really pull alot of gunk out. The bakpak skimmer should use a rio 600, but I just bought two new ones for my dual bakpak, and the flow is too fast still. If it had an old 900, it prolly wasn't as efficient (obviously) and giving the contact time needed.

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