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a question about what i CAN'T put in and feeding


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I have a 15 gallon with a single 70 watt MH 10k light. I already have a 75 gallon zoa/ric tank and Can't decide want to put in the 15. I would LIKE to have some SPS. I dont think any type of acro. would do well uner only 70 watts, but i thought maybe montipora seriattopora oxypora pavona pocillopora porites. at least a few of those would do pretty well under direct 70 watts. I would do a mixed tank with softies and 3-4 sps.


I think that doing a 5 ml a day dose of b-ionic should handle that, along with a little alk and kalk once ever two weeks and twice a week (respectively) will take care of that.




has anybody had success with the new phyto from liquidlife usa? they make a few fridgerated products and i was going to try those out, but wanted to see what other though?





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