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Paradise on the Prairie (update and photo dump)

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I received everything except the dry rock that I ordered from BRS today. I set the tank up on the stand that I made and put it in the general area where I think it will end up. I ordered an 8 channel American DJ power strip from amazon, I will need to mount it inside my stand this weekend before I fill the tank up. One concern I do have is the bottle of BioSpira that I got says to avoid exposure to heat due to live bacteria....we have had three straight days of 100+ heat and I was talking to the UPS guy and he was saying he has recorded 130 deg in the back of the truck, hopefully it will still work. I also got my BRS RO/DI unit so I will have to figure out where to mount it and how to hook it up.


Anxiously waiting for my dry rock so I can start playing around with aquascaping options!










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Well I got my reef saver rock on Friday. I think I have settled on this rock scape for now at least. I have my rodi set up in the basement pumping out clean water as we speak, hopefully the tank will be wet tomorrow!!!


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that's a nice scape!! i am jealous of all these IM 25 builds out there!

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Haven't had time to post anything but the tank was filled last Thursday on July 28th. So far everything is looking good. I started the cycle using Dr Tims ammonia and a bottle of biospira. I have been testing it every couple of days, my ammonia is staying 0 or near 0 and last I checked the Nitrites were pretty high so thats a good sign that the cycle is progressing. I haven't tested for Nitrates yet. I should get my kessil, ATO, and a few other things in the mail today. Hopefully I will have a few new pics of the setup soon.

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Here are some photos of the tank before getting it wet, and about a two weeks after getting it wet when I got my Kessil set up.

I added a clean up crew to the tank today, 15 nerites and 2 cerinths. The nerites are very small, about the size of a pea. So far I do not have much for algae just some diatoms on the rock work and a little bit of film on the glass. The nerites got to work right away spreading out over the tank within a couple hours of putting them in. I think I will still wait a little while to add other live stock even though water parameters have been good and stable for a while.










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Tank: IM Nuvo Lagoon 25

Stand: Homemade

Lighting; Kessil 360we

Flow: MP10qd

Heater: 2X eheim jager 50W

Temperature Controller: InkBird

ATO: Tunze Osmolator 3155

Dosing: 2 x BRS 1.1ml dosing pumps

Battery Backup: ecotech battery backup (we lose power multiple times throughout the winter)

Algae Reactor (BRS dual reactor added 8/17)

Algae Scraper: Flipper nano and a manual scraper for the back acrylic

RODI: BRS 4 stage 75GPD

Water change: Python

Filtration: 2 x IM Caddy both running filter floss and carbon

Skimmer: Reef Octopus NS80  removed due to micro-bubbles and replaced with algae reactor

Test kit: Red Sea marine care test kit(N02; N03; KH; PH; NH3)

Hanna Checker; P04 and Alk

Salifert: Ca; Mg



Current Stocking List




1 x Yellow Watchman Goby (8/16) Jumped 4/17


2 x Picasso Clowns (purchased as pair) (9/16)


2 x Radial Filefish (bonded pair) (2/17) RIP male 4/4/2017

1 x Radial File Fish


1 x Tailspot blenny




Frogspawn (9/16)

Green Zoanthid (9/16)

Orange Zoanthid (9/16)

Trumpet Coral (9/16)

Red/Purple Acan (9/16)

Jason Fox Jack O' Lantern Leptoseris (11/16) starting to encrust on frag plug

Red Micromussa Lord (11/16) 3 polyp

Pink Candy Micromussa Lord (11/16) 3 polyp (2 big 1 small)

World Wide Coral Agent Orange echinata (11/16) 2 polyp

Red Montipora Capricornis (11/16) 1 inch

Green Birdsnest (11/16) partially bleached after introducing (bleached and hair algae issues)

Pink/Green Acropora (2/17)

Blue Acropora (2/17) (oregon tort?)

Purple Stylophora (2/17)

Gold Lepto (unidentified from LFS for $20!) (2/17)

Acropora Tenuis (highlighter yellow/green: kalimantan) 6/3/17 (bleached due to salinity mishap)

Montipora Digitata (orange) 6/3/17

3 more acans 6/3/2017

Purple Ribbon Gorgonian 8/17

Ricordia Green 8/17

Orange Leptastrea 9/15/17

Goniopora (softball size) 9/15/17

Ricordia orange 9/15/2017

Elegance (12/17)

Purple Hammer (12/17)





Nerite Snails

Cerinth Snails

Nassarius Vibex Snails

Dwarf Cerinth

Skunk Cleaner Shrimp (9/16)

Randal's Pistol Shrimp (8/16) RIP (i think) 12/16 eaten by return pump?

Red Rock Flower Anemone (11/16)

2 x Emerald Crabs (11/16) (died unknown reasons)

Pincushion Urchin (12/16)

Feather Duster (1/17)  RIP worm tried to move and was eaten by acan/anemone

Grubes Gorgonian (1/17)

Fighting Conch (4/17)




Possible additions in the future




Pink streaked wrasse


midas blenny


Leopard Wrasse


Tail Spot Blenny




Fighting Conch

Pom Pom Crabs

more rock nems

Maxima Clam (1)








Ricordia (assorted color ric garden)


Bubble Gum Chalice

blasto (shaded area)


Fox Coral (1)



Red planet acro

pink stylo

montipora setosa

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I finally mounted my battery backup for my MP10. I had to mount it sideways since the plugins are on the bottom of the battery and I didn't have a whole lot of places to mount it. Tested it and it works, hopefully it doesn't get too much use!


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I just ordered a yellow watchman goby and a pistol shrimp from liveaquaria. The pair should be here on Wednesday!

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I added my watchman and randal shrimp on Wednesday, so far they are hiding. I think I can see a few tunnels that I think they are hiding in, hopefully they come out soon.

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Here are some updated pics of my tank. Acan's have been feeding well, I feed them reef chili and mysis a couple times a week, they get mysis when the clowns get it as a treat. The trumpets like to eat as well, it seem the acans prefer to eat during the day and the trumpets put out feelers right when the lights go out. Trumpets seem to be doing well, one head is just about done splitting off another head and another head has two mouths and is working on splitting. I added a pair of picasso clowns a week ago, they have made the transition well and have made the back part of the tank their home, I think they like the flow back there. I added the xenia at the same time as the clowns and it has been doing well and is pulsing away. I have had a little more diatoms since I added the clowns, hopefully I can get it under control soon. There is also some hair algae around the small zoa frag and the base of the acans.














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Here are a couple other photos that I couldn't fit in the first post. I'm uploading pics from my desktop using the thumbnail feature, maybe I should be doing it a different way? Not really sure I guess.

Tank is coming along! Have you seen your shrimp/goby lately?



Thanks Sharbuckle, I'm taking it slow and have yet to decide the definitive direction for this tank.


The goby is hard to make out in the pic but he is poking his head out from under the rock in one of the pics above. Usually he has his tail poking out of his burrow and sitting in his burrow backwards, I see him out every once in a while when I catch him by surprise when he is trying to scrounge for some food. I saw the pistol the other day for the first time since introduction, he was coming out on the left side of the rockwork way away from the goby so unfortunately they have not paired up.



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Good stuff. I lost my goby a month back but my pistol is still happy and kicking.


I really like your rockscape. Following along :)

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Nice, clean setup....looks good.

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I just ordered a couple dozen dwarf cerinths and 5 Nassarius Vibex from reef cleaners to help with the increased bio load since i added my clowns. I have only heard positive things about John at reef cleaners so I am looking forward to getting these little guys in the mail!

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I got home from being away for two weeks for my wedding and honeymoon, went to Cancun for the honeymoon and was booked to scuba dive Cozumel but the ocean was too rough during the stay especially the day we were supposed to go so we couldn't get out of the port to do that, I was pretty bummed about that! We did dive the Cenotes but its just not the same as a reef especially if it is the only dive you can make. Anyways now that I am back and the tank remained stable while I was gone I just placed an order from WWC taking advantage of their 15% off halloween sale. I should have a Jack O Lantern Lepto (main reason for picking this vendor as this was a must), red monti cap (first SPS and cheap enough to give it a try), and two Micromussa Lords on the way tomorrow! Can't wait for the new additions and some more color in the tank!

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I got my order from World Wide Corals! Everything seems to be in good health, floated the bags to temp acclimate them and then dipped them in coral rx for 10 minutes and then in the tank they went. I ordered a red micromussa lord, pink candy stripe micromussa lord, red monti cap, jason fox jack-o-lantern leptoseris, and I got a free WWC agent orange echinata with their Halloween promotion.


I put everything except the monti on the sand bed, I figured the monti needed more light and flow right off the bat. I am debating where to put the leptoseris, should I put it in a more shaded area??? Sorry for the bad pics, I will try to get better pics when I have a little more time!






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I brought my alkalinity up from 7.5 dkh to 9 dkh yesterday with the addition of brs two part alk portion. I tested this morning and it was 8.5 dkh so I am starting out with 7 ml of alk and ca additive and will test again tomorrow to see if it remains stable.

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Great start, let us know how the alk fluctuates.

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All of the new frags are in place on the rockwork. I reworked the right side of the tank, I moved the rock that was there to the back of the tank and added some smaller rocks in front of that to add additional room for future frags. I also moved the mp 10 further back in the tank to direct the high flow area to the top of the main rock work where the monti cap is placed and where future sps will reside. I turned up the flow of the mp10 when I moved it, I was limited before because the frogspawn could only handle so much even though it is on the opposite end of the tank, it seems like the frogspawn likes the new flow pattern much better, it also got rid of a dead spot that I was battling in the back right of the tank.








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was about to buy one of these 25s, how do you feel about the overall height of the tank? does it feel too short at all or in person is it all good?

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was about to buy one of these 25s, how do you feel about the overall height of the tank? does it feel too short at all or in person is it all good?


I really like the dimensions of the tank, there is plenty of height to work with and the depth is where it really shines.

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sounds good, will follow....feel free to share more full tank shots from distance so I can get a feel for how it looks in a room ;)

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