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2.5 gal guppy breeder pico

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Finally received my custom tank from Phuong over at OceanBox and got things transferred over. The tank is a corner style AIO that measures 18" x 10" x 8" and holds roughly 6 gallons.The craftsmanship is really top notch and Phuong did a great job making sure things were the way I wanted them.


In the weeks leading up to getting the new tank I began to have problems with rising Nitrate which I was able to mitigate through water changes but I couldn't figure out what was causing it rise like that. Well once I got the new tank and made the transfer I found out what it was... holy crap my sand bed was a dirty mess. So for the first two days the new setup had no sand in it. After a couple days passed I picked up some aragonite sand, rinsed the bejesus out of it and put in a new sand bed which I plan on vacuuming well on a regular basis. The tank has two media racks in the overflow section which I run a filter pad, PhosGuard, and Carbon and am running an Ehiem compact 600 pump for flow. The heater is also now in the return chamber so there is no equipment in the display portion of the tank with the exception of a wire for the temperature probe.


Everything is still settling in and most of the corals look fine with the exception of my Xenia which has shrunk considerably since the move. However, that could be on me... when I transferred tanks I changed my salt mix from Reef Crystals to Red Sea Coal Pro. So basically I used all of the water from my old set up which was roughly 2 gallons and replaced the remaining 4 gallons or so with water using the new salt. After a few days the Xenia has perked up a bit and I have yet to have an stalks liquefy so I'm hopeful that it will make a full recovery and go back to dominating the tank. Any ways here are some pictures....





























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That's a really sleek looking tank. The 2.5 gallon looked great, but this is going to be very nice!

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Been wanting a tank with the exact same dimension except the AIO part goes all the way across.

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The new tank is beautiful! Phuong does great work.

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A FTS from yesterday. Xenia is much happier.



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