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Seahorses in an Eclipse 12


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I am considering getting a couple of dwarf seahorses and putting them in an eclipse 12 set up. I have noticed alot of people modified the lighting and filter systems for reef tanks. Would I still need to do these modifications for a "2 seahorse only" tank?

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Dwarf seahorses are VERY tiny. Just 2 dwarf seahorses in a 12g tank will cause feeding problems since you need to keep the food density high for them to even eat. They require very low flow rate and even lightly stinging corals can hurt them. Hyroids are one of the things that can kill them. They can easily get sucked into a filter. They eat live baby brine shrimps twice a day (so you need to keep up with hatching them). If you want to keep dwarf seahorses, I recommend a tank just dedicated to them. Right now I have 13 adults plus their babies in a 5g tank. seahorse.org will provide alot of information if you are interested in keeping seahorses.

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have you heard of dwarves eating cyclopeeze? just wondering. i figure it's small enough and flavored (attractant) right but do the dwarfs need the 'movement' to initiate their feeding response? maybe with combo training like with frozen mysis.


i'll probably ask over at the orgy too, just too lazy to surf and ask the ladies right now.

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Here are some posts from seahorse.org on feeding cyclopeeze...






Another post that is interesting when it comes to feeding dwarfs:




In a nutshell, when getting dwarf seahorses, expect to be hatching bbs for them or giving them other live foods their size. Frozen doesn't seem to be long term or constitute as their main diet. But it never hurts to try... Mine ate a few frozen bbs, but it won't ever be their main diet.

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Thank you all for the imput! I guess I should have been more specific with my question.


I am familiar with raising seahorses and all that comes with it, as I have raised seahorses in the past (I kept 4 regular pairs in a 20g).


My question was more geared towards the eclipse 12 system itself and its funtionality.


However, Mothi you brought up a great point about 2 dwarfs being "too dwarfed" for the size of the tank....lol


perhaps I'll get 2 regular ones instead :-)

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