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So here I am with another worm ??

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So as I posted a couple of days ago, my Cocoworm is safe from the hermits for the time being. Only now I have noticed that he stayed in his tube for the better part of the light cycle today(very uncharacteristic) and when he does appear, only barely and never fully extended. I did a full water test, and everything checks out fine. My concern is obviously that if it doesn't come out it starves. I have noticed over the past several days that it's tube has extended about 3/16", I hoping this is due to growth and not his trying to "escape".


As I noted when I added my hermits, I also added 3 shells along with some inadvertant hitchhikers (2 small buttons, 1 feather, 1 spagehtti worm, 1 bristle)


So could it be possible that the food source that my worm has lived on for the past 3 weeks, be getting depleted by the unintentional addition of several more filter feeders?


ph 8.2

nh 0

no2 0

no3 0

sg 1.0245

temp 81

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nah, i doubt it.. If you water quality is perfect he should be fine in a little while... Sometimes tube worms go through phases... I hope that is the case in your situation!! If the problem presists, then I would begin to be alarmed!

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Okay, well everything appears fine now. Thanks for the words. My buttons are both opening up nicely, and the 2 worms seem to be doing just fine. So as not to just let this post drop off without a fight....


I have this spageti worm, right. In the past week he has made short work of cleaning the sand bed around him. So what do these guys do when they fill their homes (in this case a shell) with so much debris that they literally close them selves in? Do they clean it out and start again, or do they dig themselves out and move on?

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