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This is my first Saltwater tank.

OAM Surfer

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Hey whats up? This is my first saltwater tank. :) Its a 10 gal Nano so far all i have in it is a Whisper Power Filter 10 and a Whisper submersible Heater for tanks 5-15 gallons.


I'd like to know what salt is the best? Need to know is the Aqua Clear 201 Powerhead is it better then the Mini Jet 606 and where should i place the power head in the tank it in the tank? I was thinking on the left side cuz the filter is on the right, and is it ok to keep the heater in the middle is that the best spot?


This is what the tank looks like as of right now.

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instant ocean salt, either powerhead would be fine. i think how you want to place it would work good. put the heater on the left or right side.

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I like the 201 because you can attach a canister (which i think it comes with) to it for spot cleans. I have mine in upper left corner shooting straight forward. IO is good salt and it is what I started with. Some love Oceanic, but now there are alk complaints with it... I say be safe and use IO like lgreen says, it is the old stand by for sure.


Heater angle a bit so it isn't just straight up and down. This allows for better temp gauging and better temp matching overall.


Welcome bud!!!!!!

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i have two mini jet 404s opposed on the sides of my 10g. these -with my hob filter - make great random currents. remember, it's not the amount of flow but type of flow we're looking for.

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Ok cool ill get the IO and a 201 power head thanks guys ill try to get the pic on the forum but it said the res was to high. Ill be back soon going to go to the store and get what i need.


Thanks, Shawn10 gal tank

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