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New tank plans


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I am planning a 29g reef tank and this is what I have planned so far


1.)Tank--Standard AGA 29g and Oak stand (Custom Oak Canopy)


2.)10g sump maybe a 20g Sump


3.)In sump skimmer or HOB skimmer(Not sure yet)


4.)1 MH light 175watts


5.)HOB overflow, I might drill the tank


6.)Mag 7 return pump with SQWD


7.)The usual heater,salt,chemicals and so on


What do you think so far of my ideas?

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SPS is correct. I currently have a 5g nano with softies ran by Pc lighting as well and want something bigger but in a nice budget. A 30g is perfect for me. Although I do plan on buying a 200g or bigger in a couple of years once my wife and I buy our new home.

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I'd ditch the 29 and go for one of those Oceanic cubes, either 30gal. or the 37gal version. You'll enjoy the depth(front 2 back) over a 29's. Just a suggestion. B)

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