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My 2.5g tank in progress


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Current specs:

2.5g tank

AC 300 filter with mini impeller



That is the overview picture of it currently running with tap water which will be removed a few times a day to make sure any GOOP residue is removed and all is working properly.



Top view look. Sorry for the horrible quality. Basically, there is a black intake box that is my surface skimmer. It will also house my auto-top off.



I added some dividers in the filter so it can house a heater as well as a refugium area. It looks like the seperator between the heater section and refugium needs to be a little lower so water flows sooner, but works borderline as it is supposed to right now.


I will post some pictures of my hood when I get the chance. It has already been primed and is being coated with white right now. The hood will house 2 x 13 watt fixture bought from AH Supply. A fan will be mounted on it as well as 4 holes on the sides to allow for more air flow.

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Looks great!


I did the same thing with the filter basket. It helps keep the chaeto from floating into the tank. That stuff grows like crazy.


The divider in mine is about 1/2" below the outflow of the filter, if that helps.


What kind of light are you going to put on the fuge?



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I don't have a Lowes near me, so I will probably have to look around. If I don't find any I like, then I will just buy a Red Sea Deco Art one.


btw, it was that post that helped me decide to go with the AC300. :)

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I am seriously considering going with the Red Sea light as well. It is only 7w vs 13w for the one I'm using now. I think 13w is a little too much, because the chaeto is growing like crazy. I cut a big handful out of the fuge last night.


Make sure you get what they call the "dragonfly" or "aqualight", not the "vase" light. The bulb in the "vase" light appears to be permanently attached, whereas the "dragonfly" is interchangeable.





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I've looked at them at the LFS. It has a small clamp at the end of the gooseneck to attach it to the filter box. I've seen a couple of pics around with the "vase" light over an AC500, I think.



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