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First Purchase with CR

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Placed an order last week and it came in today. Shipping was great as was packaging. Had a very positive experience with Holy as she was great to deal with. All corals are starting to open up once they do ill post some pictures. They even sent an accidental hitch hiker a tiny little starfish. Hes doing great.


Thanks Holly and Cultivated Reef I love these corals and will most likely order again!



Ok edited for pics!


My Favorite fist Rainbow Ricordia

25079406589_6e38d3396e.jpg2016-03-01 18.53.33 by drgibby, on Flickr


Nightmare Paly i just can't seem to get it to focus ill keep trying for better pictures. The orange is so intense its great

25328584342_1fef9f94e3.jpg2016-03-01 12.13.17 by drgibby, on Flickr


Devils Armor Paly

25446990975_a2b3ee8e47.jpg2016-03-01 12.13.05 by drgibby, on Flickr


Green Ricordia i love this one as well

25354046371_6a1fb14e1f.jpg2016-03-01 11.01.53 by drgibby, on Flickr


and my hitchhiker

25354081331_686c5127b9.jpg2016-03-01 11.14.27 by drgibby, on Flickr

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Pinner Reef


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Cultivated Reef

Thank you!!

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