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tiny particles flowing on water surface


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My tank has been cycled for almost 2 weeks. during the first week, the plants died and it became debries. many becames tiny particles that flow on the water surface. how do I get ride of them?

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If you aren't using an overflow that skims the top of the water, I've heard of people using plain paper towel to "skim" the debris off the surface. Try that, it'll help with O2 exchange also!! HTH! :)

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I just use a paper bowl to tak out water for my weekly water changes. Push the bowl mostly under water then just slightly dip an edge below the surface. All the surface junk will flow into the bowl. takes several times to get out enough water for the water change and by that time, I have no junk left on the surface.

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Originally posted by AReeferIsExpensive

i use an aquaclear surface skimmer thats in my fuge/sump

If it's in the sump/fuge, how does it skime the surface water in the main tank? Do you use an over flow? If so doesnt that skim the surface in the main?

I'm just asking cause I have an ac skimmer and plan on useing an ac300 as a fuge, but the ac300 has no way of skimming the surface without the acskimmer, Right?

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