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Silent return pump (Nyos Viper 2.0) ?

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Hi Guys,


just a short question, I found many topics on quiet return pumps, but I didn't feel my question answered yet.


I'm running the Jebao DC1200 at the moment at 6 of 8 bars on the controller and I feel that this pump is quite a bit loud. I can sleep with it, because it's constant you get used to it and you just ignore it but if there is a pump out there that is more silent, than why not getting something better?


So far the pump is directly connected to the intake in the aquarium via a plastic/rubber hose. I tried to put filter sponge under it and so on, but it didn't really change the noise.


NOTE: I am complaining here on a very very high level. The DC is pretty quiet already and it's hard to hear when the TV is running, so my definition of quiet is dead quiet or at least almost.


Has anyone experience with the nyos viper so far? I heard it's quiet, but thats basically what the manufacturer says. Any first hand experience?


Eheim is supposed to be silent, I only have the smallest of them and I don't think that one is really quiet. Don't know about the larger ones, but I don't like that you can't adjust them.


What about the Tunze Silence electronic?


Thanks for looking at this already.

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Lucas Santos

Helo! I know this topic was created a long time ago, but I really would like to relive this question because I haven't found reviews that respond to what was asked here. Is Nyos Viper as quiet as the Eheim and Sicce models? Thank you!

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