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Question about hitch hiker


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I mentioned a few weeks ago about seeing some sort of nudibranch hitch hiker on my live rock. Well this morning he was out again so I managed to pluck him out with tweezers and he is now in a glass.

After researching I'm pretty sure he is a sea cucumber. It's about 1/4 - 1/2 inch long. Brown grey with little feathery antennae on the front. Also the underside is white with little feathery "feet" sticking out on all sides. Head area is brown/grey.

Is it ok to put him back in my tank? I've read they release toxins if stressed.

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It looks like this creature but instead of the blue and red, it's shades of brown, grey and cream.

I still have it in a seperate glass. I'll see if I can get a photo with my digital.

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did it come in on the LR or did you buy it?

Sounds like it could be a lettuce nudi, or another nudi from the aeolid family (thanks johnnymtb ;) ).

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Sounds like a hidden cucumber. They are small, brownish or pinkish, and filter feed. I got a few on some TBS live rock, and they did quite well for a few years.


There isn't a lot of real data out there, but Calfo and Fenner's Reef Invertebrates book says that they are perfectly safe.


Here are the tentacles from one of mine. No good shots of the body, but it looks, well, like a cucumber.



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