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Gargamel's 16g (60l) reef

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My reef adventure started 2 years ago. I bought Dennerle 16g nano cube, Eheim heater, Tunze 6015 pump to go with Dennerle Biocirculator pump and i was using standard Dennerle 24w light that was provided in the package.


I loaded some sand, too much rock and cycling started. Later on i added some life:


- Yellow clown goby

- 2 Firefishes

- 2 wurdemani shrimps

- Turbos and Nassarius snails



- Xenya

- Euphilia paradivisa

- Zoanthid

- later i added another mushroom


In 2 years time i lost 1 Firefish, both shrimps and all snails.

In coral department Xenya took over upper portion of a tank in first year. In second year Euphillia overgrown it and destroyed almost all Xenya and is now sitting on the top of a tank. I lost Zoanthid.


So now after two years i had to move the aquarium and i used the chance to redo the rockwork. I still have a lot of rock, parameters are rock solid and i've added new live iwth some corals. Now i have:


- 1 Yellow clown goby

- 1 Firefish

- 2 Skunk cleaner shrimps

- 3 Sexy shrimps

- 1 Two spot goby

- 4 snails



- Huge Euphillia P.

- Small Xenya

- Yellow Zoanthid anemone

- Star polyp

- Mushroom

- ...


I also decided to do some changes in equipment because i wasn't happy with corals. This is in mail and i hope i'll be able to run it next week:


- NEW AI Prime led light that will replace my old Dennerle 24w one. I expect a lot from it. I will put it in dead center of a tank so corals in front will get more light. I will use sunrise/sundown option, but i still don't know how much % of power should i go with...?


- my first skimmer. Tunze 9001. It will go on Biocirculator spot (Biocirculator is just a 500l/h pump that takes some water from the surface so you don't have a grease film on it). I will not use Biocirculator any more.


- I feel Tunze 6015 alone will not produce enough flow so i ordered Tunze 6045 so i'll be able to change the flow power as needed. 6045 will replace 6015.


What do you think about my choices?


Some photos of a tank right now:







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Great choices man, tank looks good!

I am guessing you are living in europe :-).


Check this out! Almost the same setup. (Not mine)





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I'm from Europe :) what gave me up? :)

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Dennerle... Haven't seen many Dennerle tanks on here. Think they are only available in Europe. Or 'grey import'.

I'm from Belgium so dennerle is quite familiar to me :-)

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