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Christopher Marks

8/8/04 - Dosing Calcium

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Originally posted by SBF

i dont have a calcium test kit... do i have to have one for adding calcium, i plan on not over doing it, jsut adding a few drops a week

Should always test before you add. Calcium and Alkalinity test kits are a must if you plan to add calcium supplements manually.


I tried not to add anything and just do water changes consistently...even used the Catalina Water for weekly water changes (expensive), but my calcium levels never went above 340.


So I asked around and gave Seachem's stuff a try. I always test before I add, and adjust accordingly (i.e. skip the scheduled dosing or stick to the schedule)...


I add 3 things in succession (leave about 15 minutes between each) twice a week (Sundays and Wednesdays)...1) Seachem Reef Plus, 2) Seachem Reef Calcium, and 3) Seachem Reef Complete...


I keep a bottle of Seachem Reef Carbonate handy just in case my alkalinity drops...but hasn't been a problem yet. Last two are for Calcium, but I like the Reef Plus for the other trace elements...My calcium stays at 410-460 and my alkalinty is stable at 3.2. Oh, added benefit is amazingly fast coralline growth. My corals grow super fast now too; something that wasn't apparent at all before I started this routine a month ago.


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No need to dose if you use oceanic and do a 10% weekly water change...You need to dose if you use coralife, as i used to on my first reef. WOAH BIG MISTAKE. lol. It was cheap, i was 15, o well..

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I use Tropic Marin Pro salt which is calcium enriched. TMC in the UK use tropic marin and they are the biggest wholesale livestock supplier in the UK so I trust their choice in this area. It gives me all the calcium my tank needs between water changes. I did used to add calcium as a seperate dose but as the salt is enriched theres no need. Also with such a small volume of water I found it difficult to judge the doses when adding calcium seperatley and thats using test kits!

I don't want to endanger my livestock I have in my nano by adding a random dose of calcium as some people do and I don't awant to be forever adjusting the levels if a water change will do it in one go. A stable tank is a happy tank in my experience.



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Whats that have to do with calcium reactors!!!!!! LOL

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I have to give them props for bringing back a thread from 2004.......

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2-part ESV Bionic: 8 time/day or every 3 hours in very small amounts via Reef Angel dosing pumps (2 seconds on/off).

2 grams of Seachem Reef Advantage Calcium every 4-5 days via ATO water.


3Gal water change every 7-10 days with ESV salt & RO/DI water.

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