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NanoBox Driver/Fan Control Software Update : How To


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Woo hoo!!! Just successfully updated the fan software with Dave's Windows instructions. Finally! You kind of have to bend the pins on FTDI programmer at an angle to be able to shoehorn them into the pin slots. At first I had the programmer in backwards and the the XLoader programmer would freeze. Very frustrating. After looking at the original instructions again I said what the hey and started bending pins to orient the board correctly. It worked. Thanks Dave!

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Thanks for the answer Dave. You always jump in before everyone and what are you doing up this late anyway, old guys like you need a lot of sleep LOL.


Anyway, does the fan automatically turn off when the lights go out or does it speed up and reduce depending on the set intensity, or do I use a timer for the fan just like older times?

Being that yours is connected to the Storm it will act the same as the current model. CH5 on yours will change the fan and ramp with the lights. Hope this helps.


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