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Hi eveybody,


Well today i finally finished my DIY hood! got the lights all hooked up and glowing and it looks greatB) i also added the first few critters of the clean-up crew. this is my set up so far:


10g tank

maxi jet power head

1.5" live sand

15lbs live rock

5 turbo snails

3 blue leg hermits

1 red leg hermit


not a whole lot right now but i still can't keep my eyes off. it looks so good with the lights and the blue leggers are funny to watch.

i'll be adding more to the clean up crew soon but the lfs is kinda low on stock right now. they're getting a big shipment next week.

i really wish i could show everyone pictures but i don't have a digi cam or a scanner. i've been taking 35mm shots as i go along though and as soon as the roll is developed i'll go to my buddy's and use his scanner.

any ways, bye for now.;)


no need to reply. just thought i'd share my excitement with everybody.

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Congrads!! Sounds great! Be sure to watch those trubos, they like knocking unstable rock work down... as well as corals that aren't secure! Very cool, this will provide hour upon hours of entertainment... In a week or so, you'll be standing by the tank side with a flashlight at night, screaming for someone to come an look at all of the 'pods crawling around, LOL. And they will just look at you with an amusing smile on thier face -TRUST ME! ;) have fun!!

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