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5.5 gallon nano


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I am going to be getting a 5.5 gallon nano. I have some questions though. All the supplements and stuff are ok cuz we know that stuf cuz we have a 55g reef already.

  • Is there anywhere online that you know about that i can get a hood with the lights in it?
  • I will need a heater for back up but will the lights make the water too warm?
  • All the supplements and stuff are ok cuz we know that stuf cuz we have a 55g reef already.
  • any type of fish that can be COMFORTABLe in that size tank?
  • How long after cycling isover do i have to wait to put in the corals?

If i think of anymore question ill ask


Ken Franson

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To answer your question about the lights making the water too warm...


Depends on how hot ambient temp is, wattage/type of light, and whether there is a fan installed in the hood or not.

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I'm new to this, but I'll try to answer your questions.


I don't know of a endor who sells hoods with good lighting for a 5.5, but I'm sure a fellow reefer will make you one for a fee.


Lighting will make the temp go up, as will a powerhead and other various equipment. Thing is, it all depends on room temp. If your lights add 5 degrees to your tank and the room temp is only 65, then you are only at 70 degrees. Do you see where I'm getting here? Better off with a heater. If it gets too hot, add a fan.


What do you mean "supplements are ok"?

I don't think you'll need to add sups in a 5.5. One gallon a week water changes should replenish everything you need (depending on the corals you keep).


Yes, there are many fish thay will go in a 5.5. Goby's, clowns, damsel (I mean devils), ets. Do a search


As far as when to add corals, wait till cycle is done. Then add a clean up crew. Test water after adding the crew,cause it can start a small spike. If everything reads good, then start adding corals.


It's a bit different from a 55g. Remember all the research you had to do for your 55? Well do that all over, but on nanos and youll be set.

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