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Wanted To Share - New 200g.

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Hi all - about 18 months ago I signed up on this site after purchasing a Biocube 29 as my first reef tank (after about 20yrs of african cichlids).


I learned pretty much everything from asking y'all questions and sorting out what was right or wrong. I recently decided to upgrade - and even though this new tank isn't a nano, I thought it was fitting to share it here since I got so much knowledge from y'all.


So - here it is...it's a 200g rimless. Thanks to everyone who answered all of my horrible, noob style questions.





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WOW, thats quite an upgrade. Looks wonderful. I love the big tanks, but my wallet would never be able to handle one.

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WOW, thats quite an upgrade. Looks wonderful. I love the big tanks, but my wallet would never be able to handle one.


Hey, thanks! This was definitely a big undertaking...and it just got to be more and more as it went on. I've never run a sump so the plumbing alone took a good long while to sort out.

One thing I've found to be true no matter how big the tank is - there is always more stuff to do/fix/buy/check/change/etc. It just never ends.

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Tank is absolutely gorgeous. Can wait to see it aged in about a year or two. Are you going for a theme or stock list or keeping it mixed all around?

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Well - I'm not too good at A) planning a stock list and B) resisting the urge to buy fish at the store whenever I go. So, it's going to be a mixed bag of fish and corals.


I do know I am going to keep a pair of Naso tangs. I have a female in QT right now...she should be ready in a week or two. I'm doing a prazi treatment now just to keep things on the safe side.


In the tank currently:

-Clown (from bc29)

-Long nose hawk (from bc29)

-Corris Wrasse (From bc29)

-Yellow tang

-Red stripe hogfish

-Large white tail tang.


The white tail was a major impulse buy. I was at the store and I've seen this beautiful fish in a holding tank for the past two months just getting nice and fat. I felt bad it was stuck in this small tank so I got him for a good deal and he's been cruising the tank happily ever since.


My future list:

-Naso tang(s)

-Blue tang

-Copper banded butterfly

-Blue Cheek Trigger (thinking this one over as I don't want any problems)

-watanabe angel pair



As far as corals - like the look of LPS corals more than SPS. Although I am going to try and accomplish a mixed reef with some of each, I'm definitely leaning more heavily on zoa, shrooms and a few bubble tips. I also really like rock flowers. So plenty of those.


I'm hoping to get a clam or two in there.


Of course all of these plans go out the window with each trip to the fish store. BUT - my plan is to QT everything now that there are other fish in there. So that will slow me down on dumb purchases.

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