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iLLMaTiC's 80G Rimless

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Hi all, been reefing again for about a year now, first reef tank was a 40 Breeder like 5+ years ago when I first got into reefing but it was very short lived (I bought a gorgeous green carpet that nuked the tank), also around the time I found Nano-Reef and all the other Reef sites. Had a 29G cube running the last year and just recently purchased a Deep Blue 80G rimless.


Here's the setup, just finished cycling and put all of the corals from the cube in.


Display: 80 gallon Deep Blue aquarium 48" L x 24" W x 16" H
Sump: ProClear Aquatics 26" L x 12" W x 15" H

Lighting: 1 ReefBreeders light fixture and 1 AquaMars light fixture
Filtration: 2 filter pads (for now)
Skimmer: No Skimmer yet but most likely going for a SKIMZ model.
Heater: 100W Hagen and JBJ Digital Thermometer
Circulation: 1 Jebao Wavemaker WP-40 W/ Controller
Biological Filtration: 60 lbs Walt Smith ReefRock 2.1, 60 lbs Fiji Pink sand







Corals in!






Sorry for the faded colors, these are with white's on only, no blues, as the blues leave a fog in photos.

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In that second picture it looks like your about to lose some water! How high are you running the Jebao?

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W1 S3, lowest power, it keeps kicking up sand in tornados too, I'll be trading with a friend for a grade power below Jebao. The water almost hits the top of the tank but runs pretty smooth once I upped my return pump power.

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