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help me!!!!


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I don't know what happened to my aquarium. All of a sudden my little mini carpet anemones keep shrinking up on my and spitting all kinds of stuff out of their mouths. Also my emerald crabs don't move at all and this morning I found them lying upside down and not moving. My porcelain crab is just not moving at all. and about ten of my twelve astrea snails and one of my two mexican turbos had fallen off the glass and landed on their backs. They weren't even moving or trying to right themselves. They are all also sticking out of their shells, but they aren't moving at all.

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Did you check your water parameters, especially ammonia, nitrites and salinity? If not, I would probably start there. If the critters are still alive move them to a plastic container or anything you have handy.

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they are still alive, but just barely. I have check all my water parameters that I can, PH 8.2, Salinity 1.023, nitrites 0, nitrates .5, ammonia 0. Why move them to a plastic container. I would still have to use the same water.

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Originally posted by nalbar

my guess is something fell in your tank. like copper or some other metal. that is what it sounds like to me.






If nothing happened in your tank at all that you know of (no new additive/inhabitant/lighting/freak accident etc, then I would probably agree with nalbar

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What size tank do you have?


I hope it is not a nano given the animals you listed! If it is a small tank, I think problems will persist. Carpet anemone's become very big animals, one is too big for a nano. And that is too many snails for a nano.


Also, your SG is too low... It should be between 1.24 and 1.26.

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Originally posted by Travis

maybe GOD dosn't want  you to spend all your moiney on nano-reefing? some ppl just arn't cut out for it lol.



Not a very nice thing to say or supportive at all! SHAME ON YOU!:|

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