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Live Rock purchase in CA?


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I came across


on web and fourm search for live rock.

Does anyone have any experience with LR purchase with them?

Their web description and video clip looks impressive. They're near LAX. But I'm relative new to this...

I just wanted to ask you all before I buy.


I'm debating betw oceanpro aquatics and Jeff's Exotic Fish.


I've read numerous good comment about Jeff's Exotic Fish.com

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I picked up two 46lb boxes from these guys last March when I was down there on vacation. We actually scheduled to go there last before we drove back to Washington. I would suggest that you get the freshest possible shipment as possible. You can actually go there to pick it up and look through each box as well. Inspect everything and smell it first.


They are located in an industrial type district in Chino. There were no mantis shrimps or crabs on any of the rock. Really nice looking stuff. It comes straight from Walt Smith in Fiji. Great price too, and the guy was super nice. He gave us a discount because I had scheduled to pick it up 3 weeks in advance, but he didn't have any fresh shipments in till the afternoon, and we had to get going back home. 19 hour drive from LA to Seattle!!! All in all, i think the total came out to about $1.80/lb. We wound up getting 2-3 day old rock, and I wish we could've waited for the fresh shipment, but saved a lot of money just by getting the 2 day old rock. If you are on a budget, I would definitely recommend these guys!



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jeff's exotic fish is an excellent choice for rock. you can pick through their bins all you want or buy it by the box. its usually where i get my rock, i only purchase his fiji premium. even he will tell you that fiji is the best rock, even though its the cheapest. its totally uncured of course.


but walt smith premium is also an excellent choice, and might be the best stuff (for a reasonable price) that you can get on the west coast. i have 90 pounds of it in one of my tanks and have no complaints. great stuff! of course it is also totally uncured.


you cant go wrong with either choice.




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