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prizm or bak-pak?


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i don't believe the prizm is the worst thing, i actually use a prizm as my main source of filtration other than live rock and have had no problems with it & skims the heck out of the tank, it's just a matter of how you adjust the air & water flow. you can see pics of my tank by clicking on the link below.


my only gripe about the prizm is that it's a bit noisy


...oh and it also has an upgrade kit with surface skimmer if you get the basic one


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I have the 2 bak-paks and a prizm. Definitely recommend the

bak-pak. Prizm, you always have to deal with adjusting water flow and other stuff but with bak-pak I just clean the waste collection cup and that's all.

IMO, go with the bak-pak....


good luck,

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My bakpak sucks


Had to overdrive it with a air stone in order to get it to pull anything out.


If you do get the bakpak, get the one with the maxi-jet pump.. rio's suck.

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