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60G Display-Brand Spankin New


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Here it is! I just stocked my brand new 60 gallon long tank with sand and rocks. Tell me what you think. The stand and canopy are in progress and should be done within the week. I will post more pics when the tank is all setup.

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If that's a 60 gallon, you must be the largest man in the world. Based on the size of the tank, and the size of your foot in comparison, I'd say you are at least 18 feet tall.

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Originally posted by VicSkimmr

if the tank is already stocked... and the stand/canopy isn't completed yet... how is he gonna....?


That's exactly what I was thinking....

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Deleted User 8530

Well I just think it Was Suppos To be a joke. And yes I know All (most of yall Are joking) BUT i wanna know the Real Specs. Just my opinion (may Be Wrong Even though I probly am)

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