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First Fish!!!!!


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That's GREAT! I am green with envy... I'm still lurking, reading, learning and my nano's still in it's box! Congratulations on your first fish! :D

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Bah. All fish have their own personalities. I've got a blue and a striped in my 20L and they're fine, and I've got a yellow tail in my 120 and he doesn't bother a soul.

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Yeah the Yellow Tail Damsle was my 1st fish, but unfortunatly he decided to go suicidal by jumping out of the tank like after being in there for 3 months. Long live (in Memory) "Fishy" :*(



<--------that's him before he died (I took the Picture)

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I have one too. He was a bit of trouble in the beginning. He would kick up sand all over the place with his body creating huge sandstorms. Luckily he has kicked the habit. He is very very territorial and bossy. He keeps my cleaner shrimp in check always chasing it around trying to nip at it if it gets in his space. Theres no way I would EVER be able to keep another fish in there with him. Other than that I like him and have no regrets.

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