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new to nanos, few questions


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Hey everyone. This is a great site, i've already picked up a lot of info. I still have a few quick questions thou.


I'm converting my eclipse 5 hex. i was planning on using the stock filtration system with just a prefilter pad. i have already taken out the bio wheel and right now i'm just running the carbon/prefilter combo pads. i have about 3-4lbs of LR cycling, and it's been going good for about 2 weeks. tested the levels yesterday and noticed my ammonia was still high so i'll wait another week and retest. i have a few things that have come in on the rock, i constantly see a bristleworm, a hydroid, and a million dusters. i was planning on using either the coralife 50/50 bulb that will fit the standard sockets, or converting to dual 13w compacts. general maintance will be weekly water changes with catalina water, and washing off the filter pad. and of course adding the necessary supplements when needed. am i missing anything major?


so my questions are. on this size tank, is there a particular skimmer that would be good. most i've seen are rated 50 gallons and up, so i was just wondering if there was a better one to use for a smaller tank.


also, going with mostly xenia, and zoanthids, and an sps or two, would the coralife bulb be ok to use. i know with the compacts with coral will turn out better, and i will eventually upgrade, but to start will it work?


any help is certainly appreciated. i can't wait to start stocking the tank!!

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you dont need a skimmer for that. just do water changes once a week. put more rock in though, you want at least 1.5 pounds per gallon. and dont wash off the filter once a week, just replace it.


forget the sps with that light until you upgrade.




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