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current usa sat. question


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nm the post before mine answered my question.


i know, i know....read before you post. :blush:


anyways i have another question.


i have fowlr nano right now, and thinking about adding some corals so that means i need to upgrade my lighting.


I can't decide between the current usa sat. or the 96watt coral life.


They both got advantages and disadvantages over one another.


The sat. has all those lights but is only 2x40. Is all those lights really necessary? Like them moonlights? And it has individual plugs for each light. So if you want to time each light and certain times, you'll probably need to buy like 3 to 4 timers.


The coral life is 96 watt, 16 watt diff. And its also cheaper. $88.


Can someone help me decide. Thanks

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i have both coralife and current usa. I really like the look of the current usa plus the moon light is awesome. I love it. Think I am going to buy the 130w satellite. Check out bigal's online and marineandreef.com

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I have a 20" 40 watt current usa on my 10G nanoreef, works awsome and looks great and works awsome. The moon light feature looks very nice at night and my clown seems to like it also. Very cool affect. For my fuge I run a coralife mini 18watt compact that works killer on the aqua 500. I think so far the 40W current usa is perfect for my 10.

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Forgot to add, it has two plugs, one for the light so it can be on a timer and the other for the led. Also I thought the led would be blue... it is white but looks killer just like moonlight!

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