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Hammer coral


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Hi i did some reading about hammer coral and from what i read that it like to be in low to moderate water motion. I was wondering which one is better?

should i feed it anything? or is the light enough to keep it alive ( i have nano cube stock lighting 24W total )?

and are they safe in a 12 gallon nano cube, i heard that they sting coral at night time but so far mine hasn't done anything yet.


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The hammer corals just like my Frogspawn like a good ammount of light, but also like to be fed fisheggs, or cyclopeeze by virtue of a tukey baster.

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wow urs look nice, i like it better than mine... my hammers are white tipped w/green stalks, still need to color up a bit...


i haven't seen any sweepers on mine either, but they are new in my cube as well. i know sweepers can get pretty long so be careful! i'm having trouble finding a place for mine since i'm worried about them stinging other corals... :(

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